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There is still a lot of misconception surrounding electric bikes and scooters, and the GEEBEE is no exception.  In fact, even if two-wheeled electric vehicles are becoming more popular, there is still a lot of circulating information about them. How can we separate what’s true and what’s not?

Let’s review 5 GEEBEE myths and realities.

  1. “The battery needs to be completely discharged before it can be charged.”

FALSE. Lithium-ion batteries are known for having no “memory effect”. This means that it won’t lose its charging capacity even if the battery is charged before reaching its minimum life percentage. The lithium-ion battery can therefore be charged as much as necessary without its lifespan or health decreasing.

With that being said, if you plan on storing your battery for an extended period of time, as in during winter, we suggest charging the battery at least 1 hour per month or 2 hours every two months.

  1. “GEEBEE batteries cannot be recycled.”

FALSE. Our lithium-ion battery is completely recyclable. You can bring back your old batteries directly to Concept GEEBEE’s offices and we will take care of the recycling.

We work closely with battery reconditioning and energy storage companies. These specialists can recover as much as 50 % of lithium cells et reuse components such as lithium and nickel to make new batteries.

In Quebec, there are also several companies specialized in recycling batteries of all kinds. You can visit the Call 2 Recycle website to find one of the 2 340 battery drop-off location in Quebec.

  1. “the GEEBEE is not resistant.”

FALSE. The GEEBEE is a professional quality vehicle that was designed for intensive use. Its structure was conceived to ensure optimal weight distribution and the fork guarantees overall stability when driving. All components have been optimized for maximum weight reduction to offer the best possible vehicle performance.

Rest assured that the GEEBEE is a strong, resistant, and durable vehicle.

  1. “The GEEBEE is only made for urban use.”

FALSE. The GEEBEE is made to adapt to all ground types. It is equipped with very versatile tires that allow you to use your GEEBEE for any activity. You can ride on city roads as much as on gravel paths, muddy grounds, and even on packed snow or sand without fear of skidding or losing control.

  1. “Riding a GEEBEE is good for your health.”

TRUE. The GEEBEE’s ergonomic standing-up position prevents back and neck pain caused by a sitting-down position. During longer rides, stand-up driving will help stimulate stabilizing muscles. You can therefore enjoy the benefits of outdoor transportation while improving your balance, minus the inconveniences of an uncomfortable seat.

Moreover, with the continuously increasing number of bike paths, it is becoming easier to travel outside of roads and city traffic. Équiterre also mentions that outdoor transportation helps reduce stress and anxiety and that it increases well-being.

As we all know, traveling by car and facing traffic, roadworks and car accidents can cause irritation and be very frustrating. With a GEEBEE, you can now ride without worrying about the downsides of urban travel.