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Concept GEEBEE

electric mobility, more versatile than ever


The GEEBEE is an easy-to-use electric vehicle. It is safe and agile and helps you move efficiently where other vehicles cannot go. The GEEBEE is a professional-grade vehicle: it is reliable, built to last, and requires little to no maintenance. It is manufactured in Sherbrooke, Canada.


The GEEBEE is powerful and reliable. Components are manufactured to the highest standards from quality materials.


The GEEBEE is easy and intuitive to ride thanks to its excellent stability.


The GEEBEE is comfortable to ride and facilitates daily tasks.

The monitor

The GEEBEE’s® monitor provides all information necessary to operate the vehicle: speed, battery level and distance travelled.


The GEEBEE uses a 48V-20Ah battery which provides a range of more than 30 miles. The battery is removable and can be recharged in less than 4 hours on a standard wall outlet. The battery has a nominal life of 1000 charge cycles

The motor

The GEEBEE® is activated with a thumb throttle and powered by a brushless electric motor located in the rear wheel. It has a nominal power of 500W but is geared towards torque rather than speed. This gives the GEEBEE a smooth ride and enables it to easily handle slopes.

The fork

The fork of the GEEBEE® has been set up to provide optimal stability even at very low speeds and smooth braking. Together with the fork, a low centre of gravity and a short wheelbase give the GEEBEE superior manoeuvrability and a tight turning radius.


The GEEBEE® is equipped with mechanical disc brakes front (180mm) and rear (160mm) and AVID BB7 brake calipers. Pulling one of the brake levers on the handlebar will cut off the electric motor and will turn on regenerative braking and energy recovery.


The GEEBEE® is fitted all surface 17” x 2.75” trial-type tires with inner tubes providing it excellent handling, grip and durability. These tire dimensions coupled with a motorcycle-type suspension allow the GEEBEE to securely handle very different surfaces.

Removable battery at
48V-20Ah lithium-ion
Weight of 36kg - 86lbs
with the battery
Total length
of 170cm - 67in
All-terrain telescopic fork
Top speed of 20mph - 32 km/h*

*Based on local regulations

Average autonomy
of 30 miles - 50 km
Temps de charge
4-hour charge time
250w-500w* motor


Our vehicle can ride on public roads and bicycle paths in Quebec. It is also accepted in the majority of American states and in Europe. For more details, contact us via our form!

Watch this tutorial on how to use a GEEBEE!