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Green Economy Week 2021

By May 19, 2021Events
Semaine de l'économie verte 2021 : du 17 au 21 mai

The very first edition of the Green Economy Week, Écotech Québec’s initiative, is happening this week from Monday May 17th to Friday May 21st.

Écotech, Québec’s Cleantech Cluster, wishes this event to be a unique occasion to stimulate a post-COVID economic recovery. Through more than 25 conferences over five days, the organizers want to provide the players from various industries with resources to speed up economic transformation. This transformation consists of:

  • Creating a favourable environment to help kick-start the economy
  • Making the economy more resilient
  • Combatting climate change
  • Reducing the environmental footprint
  • Protecting natural resources

Speakers include Federal and Provincial Ministers, politicians and some of our collaborators such as IVEO and Bertrand Picard from the Solar Impulse Foundation, which we are proudly part of. They will be presenting various innovations, recovery plans and green energy projects.

The White Paper for a Green Recovery

Écotech Québec took the opportunity to release its White Paper for a Green Recovery (available in French only) to establish its outlook for a post-pandemic recovery. The document suggests 15 “realistic and realizable” actions to help develop cleantech in Quebec, but also on an international scale.

Those actions are separated into four different categories: Financing Chain, Research and Innovation, Large-Scale Deployment and Coherence and Complementarity.

What is green technology and economy?  

As mentioned in the White Paper, a “green technology” is either a product, service, system, or method that allow its users to increase their efficiency while reducing environmental impact. For a technology to be considered green, its positive impact must be demonstrated in many other areas such as:

  • Diminishing exploitation of raw materials
  • Reducing energy use
  • Producing renewable energy
  • Reducing GHG emissions
  • etc.

Green economy means low-carbon economy. It also means rational use of limited resources and limiting the environmental impacts in all economic activities. To be truly considered “green”, it must also contribute to the improvement of human welfare and social equity.

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