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Last Monday, Québec’s Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation announced that the Technopôle IVÉO will receive a $1.2 million grant for its Municipal Innovation Consortium project. We wanted to take this opportunity and emphasize IVÉO’s positive impact on Concept GEEBEE’s development.

What is Technopôle IVÉO?

Created in 2017, Technopôle IVÉO establishes links between the cities’ needs in sustainable mobility and companies that provide solutions and technological innovation. IVÉO’s mission consists of two aspects: first, help small and medium-sized cities implement sustainable solutions on their territory, and second, help commercialize sustainable mobility innovations.

Here are some of IVÉO’s goals:

  • Respond to cities’ existing and emerging issues
  • Serve as a steppingstone for innovative companies in sustainable mobility
  • Promote the adoption of new sustainable technology
  • Facilitate new technology implementation through pilot projects

GEEBEE’s early adopter

From the beginning, IVÉO made GEEBEE part of its circle as an innovative solution that meets challenges from the municipal sector. Technopôle IVÉO offers personalized support that allowed us to implement our electric scooter in several cities such as Sherbrooke, Blainville, Candiac, Boisbriand, Varennes, and others.

What makes IVÉO unique is its pragmatic approach with direct and rapid action. They also have connections with numerous project managers and political decision-makers across the province which helped us gain visibility throughout IVÉO Cities Network. All of this has greatly accelerated our integration into the business market.

Thanks to IVÉO, Concept GEEBEE was able to set up multiple pilot projects for various GEEBEE use. These use tests allowed us to restructure our offer to better serve the needs of our customers.

Some GEEBEE pilot projects initiated by IVÉO

A GEEBEE start-up project was launched in cities such as Sherbrooke, Sainte-Julie, Hampstead, and L’Assomption to optimize municipal officials’ daily trips. Police officers, park wardens, and public work officers can now use GEEBEE for their work trips. This use has numerous advantages: lower fuel costs, no noise pollution, easy maintenance, etc.

Another project of electric recreational and tourism was developed, mainly with the city of L’Assomption. GEEBEEs are made publicly available to tourists that want to visit the area.

Lastly, Concept GEEBEE’s international development was heavily initiated by IVÉO. Indeed, a collaborative project with Nevers, a French city member of the Technopôle, resulted in the creation of an assembly site and a large fleet of vehicles available for both municipal officials and residents.

We have many other ongoing projects! 

  • Testing of our new cargo vehicle with L’Assomption
  • Testing of our docking stations with Varennes
  • Testing of our fleet management solutions with artificial intelligence with Sherbrooke