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Today is July 29th 2021, but it also is the infamous Earth Overshoot Day. On this date, humanity’s consumption of ecological resources in the year 2021 has exceeded what Earth can regenerate in that year.

What is Earth Overshoot Day?

Each year, this date is calculated by dividing the planet’s regeneration capacity (estimated in hectares) by humanity’s global ecological footprint (also estimated in hectares) and multiplied by the number of days in a year. This “human ecological footprint” includes all land and marine territories necessary to produce the resources we consume and to absorb the wastes and harmful emissions we generate (GHG emissions, domestic waste, sewage, etc.)

On July 29th, 2021, while there are still 5 months left to 2021, we have completely consumed all the natural resources that Earth can sustainably supply for this year.

Why is it important?

Because it is definitive proof that we have to reduce human consumption of natural and energetic resources and that we need to make drastic changes in our life habits if we want to keep living comfortably.

Our excessive use of resources and the monumental amount of pollution we reject in the atmosphere largely overshoot Earth’s renewal capacity. At that speed, to meet the world population’s needs in resources, we would need… 1,7 planet Earth!

Also, the first time that specialists noted the overshooting of natural resources was in 1970! More than 50 years ago! Since then, Earth Overshooting Date has advanced rapidly:

1970: December 29th

1980:  November 4th

1990: October 11th

2000: September 23rd

2010: August 7th

Fortunately, many companies have developed efficient solutions in various sectors to reduce energy and personal consumption on a global scale.

image représentant une forêt verte à moitié rasée par l'activité humaine

But what about GEEBEE?

At Concept GEEBEE, we want to turn things around. By offering the GEEBEE, our non-polluting electric vehicle, we provide a tangible and accessible solution to reduce GHG emissions from the transportation industry.

Whether it’s for travelling between companies’ sites, to organize guided tours, for home-work trips or for supervision or regulation of a place, the GEEBEE adapts to every use.

We want to make GEEBEE the number one sustainable solution for short and medium length trips. Easy to drive and all-purpose, our vehicle offers all the benefits of gas-powered vehicles without its polluting and energy-consuming aspects.

Travelling on a GEEBEE guarantees zero-emissions trips while enjoying the benefits of a fast and versatile means of transportation!