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4 questions to our CEO

By August 4, 2021Articles

You probably have heard of the GEEBEE as an innovative and original electric vehicle. You may know that it facilitates travel over short and medium distances, that it is simple, pleasant to drive and non-polluting, but what do you really know about the company Concept GEEBEE? Do you know its founders? Where the name of the company comes from? Chances are that you don’t!

This is why we asked a few questions to our CEO, Sabine Le Névannau, which she kindly accepted to answer.

Sabine Le Névannau, présidente, entourée de deux GEEBEE

Q.1 : Where does the name “GEEBEE” comes from?

It comes from a small plane that Jean-Luc, Sabine’s husband and creator of the GEEBEE, saw flying as a child during air shows in France. The Gee Bee was a small and very fast plane made in the 1930s and created for racing and aerobatics. Its particularity? It can go just about anywhere. That’s why Jean-Luc chose this name, to emphasize that his GEEBEE is a versatile vehicle, as much as the Gee Bee was in the air! Also, the name “GEEBEE” is short, catchy, easily pronounced in every language, and suggests a motion aspect. It was exactly what was needed!

Q. 2 : What would you say to people that try the GEEBEE for the first time?

There is often a feeling of apprehension before the first ride, because it is a new type of vehicle and people are not used to the stand-up driving position. The best advice would be to look far ahead of you when you start to stabilize yourself on the vehicle. The rest comes naturally! You will see that the GEEBEE is much easier to ride than it looks. The most important thing is to trust yourself and to relax.

Q. 3 : What goals are you trying to reach 2 or 3 years from now?

One of the main goals of Concept GEEBEE is to make the GEEBEE an integral part of the new idea of mobility. We want people to understand that the use of an electric vehicle can really have a positive impact on the environment. This is why we wish for people to choose a smaller, more eco-friendly vehicle for their home-work travels. We also want people to get along with the idea that alternative mobility can replace the use of solo cars on short and medium-length trips and that it could (and it should!) be easy.

Q. 4 : Describe the GEEBEE in 3 words.

  • Practical: it facilitates traveling by circulating everywhere easily
  • Accessible: it adapts to everyone and to any kind of use
  • Pleasant: it is fun to ride and you can remain completely independent

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