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The summer season is already well underway in Quebec and many are enjoying their vacations. For most people, summer vacation means outdoor activities, but with time we lack creativity. Why not plan a GEEBEE outing?

Thanks to the Vélectrik Sherbrooke project which was launched last month, you can now discover (or rediscover!) Sherbrooke city on a GEEBEE. In fact, there are two GEEBEEs available to rent for free for a period of two hours. So, whether you have your own GEEBEE or not, you can enjoy it!

If the GEEBEE is authorized on every bike path in Quebec it doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to it. That is why we have prepared a little trip around Sherbrooke with three of the nicest places to ride your GEEBEE.

Lucien-Blanchard Park

This place is mostly known for its beach by the Magog river, but also has kids’ playground sets, picnic tables, and two volleyball fields.

The park is crossed by the Axe de la Magog Sud, a bike path that follows the Magog river and that reaches the Grandes-Fourches Cycling Network. The West side of the route ends in Magog while the Eastside leads you to the Lac des Nations.

If you want a relaxing trip on a wooded trail that follows the Magog river, this one is for you.

Montage de photos d'une promenade en GEEBEE au parc Lucien-Blanchard et dans la piste cyclable qui traverse le parc

The Boisé du Portage

If you follow the Axe de la Magog more, you will arrive behind the Bourque Boulevard, near the Galaxy movie theatre. You will find there a small forest on the edge of the Magog River. It is the perfect spot for hikes or GEEBEE rides.

The woodlot can be accessed by a path behind the city that goes under Highway 410. The Boisé du Portage offers unique access to the river where many birds and ducks can be seen wading between two small islands.

To continue your journey on the other side of the river, you can also cross under the highway, thanks to a small steel bridge located under the Maurice-Gingues bridge.

Montage de photos d'une promenade en GEEBEE au Boisé du Portage à Sherbrooke

Domain-Howard Park

Near the Jacques-Cartier Park with a small detour out of the bike path can be found the Domain-Howard Park. You can use the Axe de la Magog and then go on King Ouest street.

The park has more than 50 000 flower and plant species as well as mosaiculture made by the employees of Carl-Camirand greenhouse. You can wander through centennial woodland trails and enjoy the view of the natural pond and its fountain.

Even if the trip is relatively short (around 2 km), it is a calm and magnificent spot for a small promenade in nature.

Montage photo d'une promenade en GEEBEE au Parc du Domaine-Howard

The total itinerary is about fifteen kilometers long and allows you to appreciate Sherbrooke from all angles: city, forest, rivers, parks, horticulture.

The GEEBEE is a good and fun way to explore the city, whether you prefer forest trails, bike paths or paved roads!