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Four benefits of going to work in GEEBEE

By January 16, 2020September 30th, 2020Articles

The  GEEBEE  has several uses, including that of getting to work on board this mobile phone. This means of transport will ensure that your day starts and ends on the right foot.  Here are some benefits of GEEBEE in four points:

1. Good for your health

Outdoor transportation has been proven to  benefit health and mood , as author Ted Sweeney discusses in his article,  Biking Past the Gym: The Benefits of an Active Commute . He also explains that it helps  improve feelings of happiness in addition to reducing stress . Car trips can have a negative impact on body and mind. By opting for transport in contact with nature,  GEEBEE users reduce their blood pressure and heart rate .

Nature and the sun bring a  positive emotion  to your itinerary in addition to  reducing the appearance of diseases , as mentioned by  Futura Santé , in its report: ”  The benefits of nature on our health  ”.

While the sitting position can generate back pain and tension in the shoulders and neck,  the standing position of the GEEBEE is ergonomic , natural and provides many benefits for the body. This position also allows a better  overall view  of the road in addition to making boarding and disembarking easier,  without risk  of future injury.

2. Good for your productivity

Futura Santé  affirms that the presence of nature around us contributes to our  concentration and our productivity . Using an outdoor means of transportation also helps to focus more when arriving at the office, according to the article in  Les Echos  entitled: ”  What is the best means of transport to go to work, according to science  ”. Plants help bring positive to an environment, so the work is done  faster and better done .

3. Good for the environment

Electric,  the GEEBEE makes a great contribution to the preservation of the environment . In addition, it also ensures that several vehicles are removed from the road, larger and consuming more energy (often gasoline). Save time by avoiding traffic, while positively helping your planet! What could be better?

4. Good for everyone

The  GEEBEE  is very  intuitive  : 98% of people who try it learn to drive it in less than 20 seconds.

For some, cycling or other types of transportation can limit their trips, either because the means used is uncomfortable, requires too much energy or is simply not practical. With the  GEEBEE , you can be dressed in a dress or in a suit and  your movements will not be reduced . It is 100% electric, so the physical effort is lower . No need to change when you get to work after your trip.

The  GEEBEE  is ideal for everyone and meets your mobility needs over short and medium distances! So what are you waiting for?