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The Geebee Tour 2016

By September 7, 2016September 30th, 2020Articles

From September 12 to 18, 2016, Concept Geebee will take off for a trip across the Atlantic, in Brittany, with 3 objectives:

1. Make discover the GEEBEE to travel differently

To optimize your stay and see more, in less time. We promise to send you exclusive photos and videos for you to travel with us.

2. Share the Quebec GEEBEE experience

Discovering the pleasure of sliding and the new GEEBEE  sensation  is an experience that we will give to Britons and tourists, with tests during our dinners (lunch) and our 5 @ 7.

3. Promote eco-tourism

The  GEEBEE  is both a means of transport and a leisure activity, respecting the environment (zero emissions) and others (silent). We will also adopt an eco-tourism approach for our homestay accommodation and in the choice of our visits by promoting protected areas.


Although living in Quebec for 17 years, the creator of  GEEBEE , Jean-Luc, is of Breton origin. This trip will therefore be for the  GEEBEE  a return to the sources of the creativity that saw it born. Brittany is also known for its cycle paths and its magnificent landscapes. This territory is therefore ideal for you to travel with us.

We have already tested the  GEEBEE  with business people from Brittany who recently visited Montreal. They all “flipped” !! It is our turn to meet them, and thus start our export development with a first foothold in Europe!